Press Release: Sagacious IP Launches Refer4Rare, the First-Ever Database for Accessing Information on Rare Diseases

GURUGRAM, INDIA, May 18, 2021 / — Sagacious IP, one of the largest global IP research and consulting firms, has announced the launch of Refer4Rare, a unique database that offers users with an access to a curated and filtered set of patents focusing on various rare diseases.

The Refer4Rare database, which has been created by IP experts at Sagacious IP, eliminates the tedium of searching and filtering out irrelevant patents related to innovations in rare disease domain. It also enhances each patent by highlighting its technology and application for easier usage by innovators as well as strategists.

Refer4Rare has been developed to expedite the innovations for the welfare of the rare disease community, and it shall help both innovators and strategists acquire newer ideas and develop therapies/ diagnoses quicker and cost-effectively. The researchers and strategists spend a significant amount of time and money on researching and finding cures for rare diseases and therefore collecting refined and focused information becomes a time-consuming and costly task. They can further filter out the information based on their needs using methods of diagnosis, type of compounds for treatment, dosage forms, etc.

Commenting on the launch, Tarun Kumar Bansal, President, Sagacious IP, “Inspired by the success of our COVID Research Assistance program that helped researchers accelerate their output in crucial COVID times, we have launched this ready to use database for accelerating research output in Rare Diseases domain that may potentially provide faster treatment access to millions of people suffering from Rare diseases. Now, the database has curated and categorized patent information, but we shall soon be adding more information related to research articles, clinical trials amongst others. The increase in overall innovation data and always increasing patent protection has necessitated the need for a readily available database to reduce the time and cost of developing innovations and helping innovators not to infringe on any current patents.”

Besides being quick, this database is cost-effective. It helps users to save the dual costs involved in database subscription as well as engaging resources for filtering and sorting a large pool of patent data. On the other hand, strategists including innovation managers and technology scouting officers can make quick decisions by obtaining information on the recent developments in the rare diseases sector, major geographies from where innovation is originating, and areas where such innovations are being protected. This information set would enable these strategists to help their teams develop treatments quickly.

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Originally published on dated 18th May, 2021

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