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F3 Analysis – A Targeted Approach for Patent Monetization

F3 Analysis – A Targeted Approach for Patent Monetization: Effective patent portfolio management is the key to leveraging inventions in order to increase business value. 


The Rise of Biosimilars

Upcoming Indian Biosimilars – Market Trend Report: the biosimilar market in India has seen a significant trend in the recent years. Our report talks about:


FTO Search on Pharmaceutical Formulations

FTO Search Report – Sample: Sagacious IP conducted an FTO search to develop an understanding of the domain of the invention, identify key features and keywords, and outline the methodology to be followed for the project.

Sample Report

FTO Searches for Industrial Design Patent (Critical Cases)

FTO Analysis Report – Sample: Sagacious IP has been instrumental in undertaking design FTO searches to help businesses make informed decisions.

Sample Report

Don’t Panic to Patent Infringement

Based on our experience in the industry, we have summarized the ways through which you can defend a Lawsuit. It includes: Non-infringement, Invalidity & Counter-assertion. 


Impact Stories

Danish Pharmaceutical Firm Got Strategic Information partner

When a Danish Pharmaceutical Firm wanted an information partner to help them become No 1 in female fertility market, They Chose Sagacious.

French Diabetes Care Giant Got Strategic Litigation partner

When a French Diabetes Care Giant wanted to monitor and counter any upcoming IP competition and threat, They Chose Sagacious.

Leading European Chemical company Got Strategic FTO search partner

When a leading European company wanted to set-up a chemical plant in the middle-east and to launch chemical products produced there globally without any legal hassles, They Chose Sagacious.

Upcoming Turkish Electrical Company Got To Screened Idea For Patentability

When an upcoming Turkish Electrical Appliance Company wanted to lead the global markets and screen regular flow of ideas for market potential and patentability, They Chose Sagacious.

"Quality of summary of search results was better than expected. Flexibility in order to customize both the search and the presentation of results was above average. Sagacious can be recommended to other companies with respect to quality and price."

- Steven Sarlet, European Patent Attorney

"I am (and always have been) very impressed with your technical understanding and quick and comprehensive performance of the search. "

- Wolfgang Schmid, European Patent Attorney

"I am very satisfied with the execution and outcome of the project."

- Janneke Meulenberg, CEO, Orca Therapeutics

"One of the patents you found is dead on for the broadest claims. Doesn't cover a few of the smaller dependent claims, but it is really killer on the others"

- Senior Partner, Top Law Firm, USA 

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