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A Complete Global Best IP Practices Guide for Corporate IP departments

Industrial revolution 4.0 has witnessed every company upgrading their IP practices. Based on our expertise in working with Fortune 100 companies, we have created a Best Practices Guide for Corporate IP departments.


Future Foods – Meat Alternatives and Their Impact

The plant-based meat technology has opened doors to create mass-market solutions that offer a substitute for animal protein.


FTO Search on Pharmaceutical Formulations

Sagacious IP conducted an FTO search to develop an understanding of the domain of the invention, identify key features and keywords, and outline the methodology to be followed for the project.


How To Develop An Intellectual Property Infringement-Free Product

Freedom To Operate Analysis Sample Report: Sagacious IP has been helpful in conducting Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) searches that are instrumental for R&D teams in ensuring that the right amendments are made on time before a product launch. 


Freedom to Operate FTO Searches for Industrial Design Patent (Critical Cases)

FTO Analysis Report – Sample: Sagacious IP has been instrumental in undertaking design FTO searches to help businesses make informed decisions. A comprehensive FTO search helps in identifying potential barriers while seeking patent approval and/or at the time of product launches.


Next Generation Sodium-Ion Batteries : Patent Landscape Study

 The concept of electrochemical batteries is not new to this world. Today, a large number of batteries having different material combinations and performance characteristics are available in the market with Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) leading the way.


Client Stories: How To Make A Successful Portfolio Acquisition Strategy

Recently, one of our regular clients approached us with a project involving portfolio acquisition. The client is a tech company based in San Jose, California, mainly involved in licensing IP in the consumer electronics industry.


Are Liquid Biopsies The New Benchmark For Cancer Diagnostics

Liquid biopsies are a relatively new technology in cancer diagnostics, but have shown great potential in their ability to detect cancer early.


Patent Analytics Through Reverse Image Search Engines

Patent Searching – Introduction and Importance:This is the “Century of Technology”. Patents are now seen as an enormous repository of human innovation and knowledge, as well as a class of property that can be owned, traded and leveraged. 



IP Reference Kit for Start-ups

This reference kit covers various types of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, trade secrets, etc).


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Silicone Hybrid Technology Trend

Get insights on the silicone hybrid technology trend as well as the outcome of the search and analysis performed by our experts.


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See your patent portfolio in New Light!

Based on our experience in the industry, we have summarized the ways to unlock the revenue potential of a portfolio.


The Rise of Biosimilars

Upcoming Indian Biosimilars – Market Trend Report: The biosimilar market in India has seen a significant trend in the recent years. Our report talks about


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