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How Patent Landscape Analysis Can Help You Enhance Your R&D Strategy 0

Patent Landscape Analysis Report – Sample

Sagacious IP has successfully conducted landscape analysis of different technological domains in order to help businesses make informed decisions. Our Case Study on Patent Landscape Analysis helps in identifying patent and market trends in...

Markush Structure search 0

Markush Structure Search: Sample Report

Markush Structure Search Report: Based on our expertise in evaluating market trends, risks, as well as overall techno-IP consulting; we have summarized a sample Markush structure analysis report. It includes: Project Overview Overall Project...

Silicone Hybrid Technology 0

Silicone Hybrid Technology: A Report

Silicone hybrid technology finds its relevance in various industry applications such as, medical, cosmetics, electronics, etc.  Get insights on the silicone hybrid technology trend as well as the outcome of the search and analysis...