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Data Verification Report 0

Data Verification Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Data Verification service ensures the accuracy of information in patent filing using authentic websites. Data Verification report of Sagacious gives an insight on how this service actually works. Advantages of using Data...

information disclosure statement 0

Information Disclosure Statement Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Information Disclosure Statement helps to gather and draft relevant background information of the applicant to supply to the patent office. Hindrance in IDS preparation may occur any time between application filing and Notice...

patent-drafting-samples 0

Patent Drafting – Samples

We offer Patent drafting samples At Sagacious IP, we draft patent applications not just to meet the requirements of the patent office, but also make some changes to the ideas, to achieve broadest possible...

design patent drawing samples 0

Design Patent Drawings Samples

Sagacious IP’s core team of illustrators well versed in the art of creating patent drawings and deliver accurate results. In Addition, Cost-effectiveness and minimize office actions are also our focus areas to achieve customer...

office action response samples 0

Office Action Response – Samples

Sagacious IP’s Office Action solutions aids our clients to deal with objections raised by the Patent Examiner. We adhere to Patent office rules/guidelines and also critically think about the business significance/outcomes of the response...

trademark monitoring 0

Trademark Monitoring Report – Sample

Here we have published a Trademark Monitoring Report – Sample. Sagacious IP’s Trademark Monitoring services allow brands to keep an eye out for trademark infringement both globally and within the regions they operate. It...

Patent Watch Report - Sample 0

Patent Watch Report – Sample

Our hyper-targeted Patent Watch Report services allows you to gain the knowledge you need to put your plans into motion. Sagacious IP helps in keeping a watch on your competitors’ IP to monitoring a...

Biological Sequence Search Report 0

Biological Sequence Analysis Sample

Download Biological Sequence Analysis Sample here for free. Sagacious IP’s comprehensive Biological Sequence Search helps to find even the most out of sight and uncommon sequences. These sequences are those which are, usually, concealed...

Non Patent Literature Search Report 0

Non-Patent Literature Search Report – Sample

Download Non-Patent Literature Search Report, here, for free. Our Non-Patent Literature Search finds all the published information that is important for any stage of your product’s life. Non-patent literature (NPL) are the articles published...

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