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How is IP Strategy Changing Gradually?

An IP strategy is a plan which remains consistent with the business goals of a company. They do so, in order to acquire intellectual property assets and enjoy maximum benefits from the existing asset....

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Patents For Startups: Application Strategies

In an ever-emerging and evolving tech industry, it is often difficult for any start-up to stand out of its own. The costs of patenting a technology being comparatively high, emerging start-ups tend to avoid...

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A Guide for Patent Success

If you want to file a patent for your invention then you must be aware of patent filing strategies and management of IP assets to obtain revenue benefits. Moreover, you should also avoid pitfalls...

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Patent Licensing: Everything You Need to Know

The agreement between a patent owner and a licensee is known as patent licensing. The owner needs to transfer the intellectual property rights and interest to the patentee rightfully. What is Patent Licensing? The...

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