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Patent Pruning

For many businesses, applying for and maintaining patents are some of the largest IP-related costs. Sagacious provides patent portfolio evaluation services, where each of the individual patents is independently evaluated for relevance to the current core offerings of the business and overall strength. The analysis helps in making informed decisions regarding which IP assets to shed and which technology areas to strengthen. Analyzing your IP portfolio to determine key value drivers and identify those items that may fall outside the goals of the business increases the potential value of the business and can free resources.

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Why Choose Sagacious for Patent Pruning?

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A Multi-national Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has been using our patent pruning services biannually for patent due for maintenance fees to realize immediate cost savings by identifying patents not aligned with their current business goals. Analysis was focused on identifying patent core and non-core to their tech areas, identifying industry usage and infringement supportability for their patents,

Impact Story 2

A leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services used our patent pruning services to target patents meeting certain criteria, like claims directed towards UE or base station, standard essentiality, futuristic value, implementation specific features, etc. and identify candidates for pruning and candidates for renewing.

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