Evidence of Use (EoU) / Claim Chart

Full-Proof Evidence that Drives Positive Litigation Outcomes

Sagacious IP’s Evidence of Use (EoU)/ Claim Chart creation service illustrates the infringement by complying to the ‘all elements test’, on the basis of which product or process is accused. It involves right interpretation of the claim (claim construction) and mapping of the claim elements to the evidence gathered from the accused product or process.

Detailed claim charts that are quick and cost-effective.

Evidence of Use (EoU) charts are necessary in:


Why Us?

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A US based licensing firm used our EoU service to generate claim charts for European patents related to telecommunication and networking. Over 50 claim charts were prepared showing the claimed features in the specification and the use of these standards by different telecommunication service providers and network equipment manufacturers. A licensing program in Europe was started based on the strong infringement charts.

Impact Story 2

When a leading US based IP Licensing firm was looking to start a licensing campaign against a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, they chose Sagacious IP. As part of the project, we developed over 40 claim charts.

At Sagacious IP, we not only understand how crucial the Evidence of Use (EoU) chart can be for patent professionals, but also the consequences of generating a misleading EoU chart.

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