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Chemical Structure Search Report 0

Chemical Structure Search Report – Sample

Download Chemical Structure Search Report Sample here for free. Sagacious IP’s Chemical Structure Search helps to identify chemical structures. It helps in identifying those structures which are mentioned in patent and/or non-patent publications. In...

Design Patent 0

Design Patent Infringement Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search service focuses on the aesthetic part of an invention and enables you to identify potential infringements or prior arts. It identifies relevant design classifications, term sets and uses them...

Patent Proofreading 0

Evidence Of Use EOU Chart – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Evidence of Use (EoU)/ Claim Chart creation service illustrates the infringement by complying to the ‘all elements test’, on the basis of which product or process is accused. It involves right interpretation...

Patent Mining Report 0

Patent Mining Report – Sample

Managing and monetizing patent portfolios entails identifying and prioritizing assets. That’s where Patent Mining comes in. With Sagacious IP’s Patent Mining service, you can identify which technologies to license or sell marginal assets to...

Patent Valuation report 0

Patent Valuation Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Patent Valuation service enables you to determine the monetary value of your patent which in turn impacts your R&D efforts, bolsters your intellectual property rights and enhances revenue, stock performance, and reputation....

Reverse engineering 0

Reverse Engineering Report – Sample

Sagacious IP delivers quality analysis and reports in partnership with a Chinese counterpart which has diverse capability in providing Reverse Engineering analysis of various electronic products including IC technical analysis, IP analysis and Chip...

Patent Due Diligence 0

Patent Due Diligence Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Patent Due Diligence service does a thorough investigation to assess the quantity, quality and enforceability of a patent or an entire portfolio owned by a company. It helps the acquirer measure the...

Patent infringement 0

Patent Infringement Monitoring Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s Patent Infringement/ Licensing Opportunity Monitoring service identifies the products/ processes violating the patent rights where a licensing deal can take place to generate revenue for the patent owners. Monitoring these opportunities enables...

trademark monitoring 0

Comprehensive Trademark Search Report – Sample

Sagacious IP’s exhaustive Trademark Search solutions give the insights before filing for trademarks. Product-driven companies across the spectrum now rely on trademark search before they launch products or services in new markets. Trademark searches...

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