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Patent Monitoring Report - Sample 0

Patent Monitoring Report – Sample

Patent monitoring report helps in standardizing the revolutionary IP trends and scrutinizing competitor’s approach in a comprehensive manner. It helps you remain updated on the filing of new patent applications in your domain of...

Patent Summary Example - Sample 0

Patent Summary Example – Sample

Patent summary example – sample: the patent summary section of the patent application must remain the last part that the patent agent prepares to write about. The summary of the invention emphasizes on the...

Knock-Out Validity Search Report - Sample 0

Knock-Out Validity Search Report – Sample

Knock-Out Validity Search Report helps to quickly check patent and non-patent documents. Thus, these might challenge the validity of the claims of a subject patent. Moreover, this helps to discover prior art that the...

Markush Structure Analysis Sample - Report 0

Markush Structure Analysis Sample – Report

Markush Structure Analysis Sample is based on Markush structures which initiates as a chemical structure search. Moreover, it involves a comprehensive strategy that enables you to identify documents which have a broad coverage for...

Design Patent Search Report 0

Design Patent Search Report – Sample

Design Patent Search Report – Sample Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search service is mainly for the drawing related part of an invention. And, it also enables you to identify potential infringements or prior-arts. Design...

Biological Sequence Search Report 0

Biological Sequence Search Report – Sample

Download Biological Sequence Search Report, here, for free. Sagacious IP’s comprehensive Biological Sequence Search helps to find even the most out of sight and uncommon sequences. These sequences are those which are, usually, concealed...

Design Patent Search Report 0

Claim Chart Example – Template Sample

A claim chart is a widely used device in patent infringement litigation. The patent law gives patentee full rights over their innovation. In case of any Patent Infringement the patent holder may seek reliefs. Sagacious IP Evidence of...

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