Creating Patent Drawings for 3D Models: Importance

Patent drawings are interactive and unique features of an invention. The purpose for patent drawings is to provide the examiner with enough information so that they can understand exactly how the invention works. There are special rules and regulations that apply to the drawings submitted with a patent application. Sagacious IP prepares drawings as per the PTO guidelines. 

Relevance of Modelling software

Inventors need to realize that patent drawings are required to be filed with a patent application, but it can be difficult to get to the manufacturing stage.

3D model software offers the ability to generate a 2D view based on a 3D model. This will help an illustrator to make the patent drawing more accurate.

The Purpose of a 3D Model

The purpose for 3D models is not only to be able to see what your idea would like in real life, but to be able to provide a manufacturer a file of your 3D model to create a rapid prototype or the final product.

Creating a 3D Model

Typically a picture or free hand sketches of an object is first done by tracing the outlines of the geometrical shapes located in the picture of the object and preparing the 3D model according to the horizontal and vertical rotations of the object that are indicated in the geometrical shapes. The model must be manually built using splines or polygons. 3D is complex, with many steps and many decisions and many options.

Usually, we will sketch something on paper to get a sense of the object. Then draw it from multiple angles (front, side, etc.). The 3D designer makes the decisions. So, the best way to start converting a 2D drawing into a 3D computer object is to make your sketch forward and create a second sketch from the side. We will place those sketches on viewports and trace the 3D images using the software tools.

Patent drawing technique

In 3D representation, the features are clearly visible. However, the patent drawing technique should be such that one can understand an invention by defining the product shape. After converting them from product photos in to 2D line design application drawings, it must show the illusion of depth to illustrate the shape of invention product from the planner views. Most drawings objection is caused by something not being shaded properly. We at Sagacious IP can provide design application figures to our clients with an extremely accurate representation of their invention. We know how to utilize proper shading to increase the sharpness of an image. And to use the exact shading techniques that can identify and illustrate various textures as well as surface materials.

Sagacious IP’s Illustration team can convert your 2D sketches or your hand sketches into 3D Models and further will create technical Drawings that includes parts & assemblies with many details. We are offering patent application drawings from various file format including 3D models. For more details please contact us. You may also watch our latest webinar on Tips For Better Patent Drawings here

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