Benefits of Virtual Paralegals in Mitigating Workload of Global IP Attorneys & Helping Them Saving Their Time and Costs- Webinar

Why this topic is critical for the target audience?

500,000+ Patent & trademark (TM) applications are filed globally every year. Hence, it’s crucial to manage dockets that help in tracking applications by keeping a strict watch on deadlines.
Virtual paralegals help in preparing, reviewing & filing patent applications along with filing documents, thereby helping attorneys save time & money.
These paralegals also help in updating dockets with bibliographic data from respective PTO websites, keeping a strict watch on deadlines & setting reminders before the actual deadline.
They also help attorneys in identifying references mentioned during patent prosecution, preparing amendments after reviewing PTO’s allowance notice and monitoring & maintaining patents and TMs on behalf of attorneys.

Key points to be covered in the webinar:

Define Virtual Paralegal.
List of services offered by paralegals.
Case studies – How Sagacious IP helped its TM & Patent attorneys in managing their applications & other paralegal activities.


Rashi Sethi, Project Manager, Sagacious IP


Sudipta Dey, Project Manager, IPMS, Sagacious IP

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