Google Patents Smart Contact Lenses

Google recently filed a US patent for embedding tiny microscopic cameras into contact lenses. It is interesting to see how innovative businesses and inventors are exploring unique applications for contact lenses.

We will, in near future, be able to witness use of contacts for empowering the users to take photographs of their direct line of vision using the owner’s unique blinking configurations. as well as providing the elementary input for a contact-based assistive device for the visually impaired.

What Patent Specifies?

Design of the lens will contain numerous minute camera components and mechanisms as well as sensors which could be automated to perceive light, color, specific objects, faces and motion without obstructing the vision of the wearer.

This innovative system could really benefit the medical community by gathering inputs from the camera to identify obstacles and aware the wearer having vision problems and can assist a blind person approaching an intersection. It could then issue a command to a remote device, such as a smartphone, to omit a voice-generated warning about the impending road.

#Google’s Smart Contacts For Monitoring Glucose:

Previously, Google has unveiled a prototype of smart lens that use a microscopic glucose sensor and a wireless transmitter to help those among the world’s 382m diabetics who need insulin keep a close watch on their blood sugar and adjust their dose.

With help of this, it will be pretty much easy to monitor and maintain blood glucose levels in diabetics to provide non-invasive, unconstrained, constant response to the user as well as the doctor.

Patents On Smart Contact Lenses in Past 5 Yrs:

PatentPatent NumberStatus
Contact Lenses with integrated with a biosensor for the detection of Glucose and other components in tearsUS 8385998 B2Grant (publication date –feb 26, 2013)
Wireless powered contact lens with biosensorUS 8608310 B2Grant (publication Date- Dec 17, 2013)
Interface using eye tracking contact LensesUS 8632182 B2 Grant (Publication Date-Jan 21, 2014)
Telescopic contact lensUS 20130265507 A1 Application ‎(Published 10 Oct 2013)
Self-powered Contact LensesCN 203054364 U
Grant (Publication Date- Jul 10, 2013)

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