Patent Strength Analysis – IoT (Home Automation) : Report

Patent Strength Analysis - IoT (Home Automation) : Report

Sagacious IP has conducted a detailed strength analysis of patents in IoT domain with its application in home automation. Our report covers:

The IoT-powered Home Automation industry is undergoing radical change ushered in by litigation, acquisitions and patent filings. An analysis of patents in an emerging technology helps in revealing in-licensing/acquisition opportunities. Such analysis is crucial for market players to foresee threats from competitors as well as collaborate with research institutes, individual inventors, etc.

  • Introduction to IoT and Emerging Applications
  • Patent Rankings
  • In-depth Analysis
  • Key Observations and Recommendations
  • Market Activities

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Patent Strength Analysis - IoT (Home Automation) : Report

Additional Bonuses : Get FREE Access of 5 Detailed Research Articles on IoT powered Home Automation.

  • Top Litigated Patents and Litigious Companies in Home Automation
  • Know The Home Automation Company That Got Acquired In Billions
  • The Smart Home Technology and The Future
  • How Individual Inventors Are Revolutionizing Home Automation
  • IoT Home Automation: Expecting a flurry of patent litigations

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