Markush Structure Search Report – Sample

Markush Structure search

Markush structure search is a critical process in chemical structure research that helps in boosting research and development efforts and intellectual property protection in an organization. The process involves formulating a comprehensive strategy for identifying documents that have broad coverage for functional moieties.

Sagacious IP conducts around 1000+ markush structure searches every year to help its clients with the same. Thus, to aid your understanding of the process, we are sharing with you a markush structure search report that summarizes a sample markush structure analysis. The search was conducted for an isoquinoline compound, wherein the client was interested in identifying patents/published patent applications claiming compounds that have the same basic structure. The content of the report is as follows:

  • Project overview: Objective and background of the markush structure search
  • Overall project methodology: Steps involved in the process
  • Assumptions
  • Data sources for bibliographic data, legal status and structure
  • Family naming convention to ease the process of cross-reference
  • Analysis methodology
  • Novelty/invalidity, clearance/FTO and infringement searches related to markush structures
  • Structure search process

Relevant results: Patents identified during the search process

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