See Your Patent Portfolio In New Light! – Comprehensive Report

See your patent portfolio in New Light!

Most innovative companies these days are unaware of their patent portfolio, especially what their patents cover, which products they cover, and which companies are infringing on their patents. Only when patent holders know everything about their portfolio can they unlock its revenue potential. We, at Sagacious IP, understand this and based on our experience in the IP industry, we have developed an award-winning F3 Analysis model. This model aims to maximize value from the entire patent portfolio. It also intends to offer macro-level insights and helps in generating value from each patent.

Our latest report titled: “See Your Patent Portfolio In New Light!” covers:

  • Overview of F3 Analysis: This portion of the report covers details about the F3 analysis model, the objective of performing this analysis and the associated benefits.
  • Patent Categories in F3 Analysis: This section includes the three main categories of patents in the F3 analysis model – Fundamental Patents, Fringe Patents, and Future Patents.
  • Evidence of Use (EoU) Search: Innovative companies with a substantial patent portfolio often use Evidence of Use (EoU) search to discover potential infringers of their existing patents. This search usually involves patents used in commercial products with a wide market presence and offers specific and critical evidence that relates a company’s patents to the potential infringers’ products.

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