10 Use Cases of Trademark Search and Watch – Webinar

For each business, ensuring the brand protection and securing exclusive IP rights is an important aspect for its growth. Similarly, actively protecting the IP, trademarks is also an important area for making sure the brand is not getting misused. Further, it becomes important to monitor the trademarks using advanced monitoring tools. These tools are useful in detecting any objectionable trademarks or any other infringement of your trademark rights and taking further legal action. Moreover, these cases will be helpful in identifying the importance of a trademark search and watch for a business/brand.

10 Use Cases of Trademark Search and Watch that Trademark Practitioners Should Advise Their Clients – Key-points covered in this Webinar Session:

  1. 10 used cases of TM Search and Watch that TM Practitioners should advice TM Search and Watch
  2. In addition to this, importance of Trademark searching and watching reflects upon in the .session

Hosted by:

  • Melvyn Thomas, Head – Online Sales Channel
  • Gopal Singh Rawat , Sr. Manager —Trademark , Sagacious IP
  • Rahul Rana Sr. Business Development Executive, Sagacious IP

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