Requirement of Informal Reference for Patent Drawings – Webinar

Topic: The Essential Requirement of Informal Reference for Quality Patent Drawings.

Good references are crucial to avoid rejections as:

  1. They help you understand the invention quickly; and
  2. They save time.

Hence, this webinar intends to give the attendees an idea on how to prepare informal references.

Key-points covered in this webinar (Requirement of Informal Reference for Patent Drawings)

  • Firstly, it tells you what to do if you are unsure about giving a reference;
  • Moreover, it provides you tips on how to show your support with an effective reference;
  • Further, it helps you understand how to provide relevant reference to create quality illustration;
  • Also, it helps in anticipating what can you do if you feel uneasy about giving reference images; and
  • Lastly, it teaches you how to search more relevant product reference.

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Key-note speakers

John Britto, Senior Manager – Illustration, Sagacious IP

Chandra Prakash, Quality Manager Sagacious IP


Gavin Roberts, Business Account Manager, Sagacious IP

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