Step-by-Step Guide to Understand Patent Lifecycle

People start their patent protection journey once they identify a persisting problem and come up with a unique solution to resolve it. For many, especially beginners, this process can be daunting at first. Though the process is challenging, acquiring patent protection for the invention is completely non-negotiable. This is because significant resources go into the development of new or improved products. That is why we bring you this guide that explains the entire patent lifecycle and familiarizes innovators with the processes involved at every stage – right from conceiving an idea, to monetizing it after patent grant. This guide will help you to make informed decisions regarding your invention by listing all the options that you can use to optimize your patent protection processes.

For instance, the guide begins by explaining the processes which businesses can take while scouting for innovation ideas to solve an identified problem. The figure below offers a preview of the solutions offered inside.

Figure: Steps to take while innovation scouting

Similarly, you can find answers to all critical questions related to patent protection, including:

  • How to find a patentable solution once you identify a persisting problem?
  • How to determine whether your solution is novel or not?
  • What steps should be taken once the novelty of an invention is established?
  • What are the processes involved in patent application drafting and filing?
  • What are the IP processes involved in product/service launch?
  • How to maintain and monetize patent after grant?
  • How to avoid risks while licensing and monetizing patents?

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Guide to Understand Patent Lifecycle

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