AI Trademark Search vs. Manual Search: Which is better and Why?

Manual trademark search and AI search are conducted in order to register the mark and to check if there are any similar marks that can infringe.

As such Trademark differentiates the goods and services of one company from those of another. Which is why, it is common to register for trademark protection and before applying for one, it is advised to perform a thorough trademark search to ensure that the mark is not already in use by other organization/business. This type of search also helps companies in preventing infringement of existing trademarks.

Let us now understand the functionality and relevance of Manual search and an AI search.

As the name suggests, Manual Search is conducted manually by a human being, which involves creating different strategy for different search databases such as WIPO, US, CANADA, EUIPO TM view, core search and EUROPE.

Why do we prefer Manual Search?

  • Manual search can fetch results between various trademark databases such as US, Canada, Europe, EUIPO, TM view, core search and WIPO.
  • In manual search, strategies are conducted manually, therefore, the wait time for report can be a few days. Manual search clearances average 3 to 5 days.
  • In manual search we can identify the main word of the mark, if the mark consists 02 or more than two words and include all related results from the identified word with or without the classes and goods and services.
  • It is good for particular country search to perform manually.
  • In Manual search, you can add your own branding which means you can make your own custom brand report.
  • Manual search can reduce the risk of human error if search is conducted by a reputable company.
  • In Manual search, one needs to think and write about different word variation/similar sounding mark as per our need and requirement.
  • Always updating the data after a fix interval.
  • Manual search provides you the relevant results according to the conducted strategies and provide large number of results.
  • In this, manually insertion of data in Word template, PDF and in Excel file (In case of large number of results) is possible.
  • Easy to manipulate the results according to the need.
  • Relevant and accurate data.
  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Ranking of results can be conducted more efficiently.
  • Risk analysis can be conducted more effectively.
  • In manual search we can include results of common law with and without goods and services. If the mark is common, then we can include only those results which were related to the classes or goods and services.
  • In Manual search, we can perform our search without restricting any strategies with the classes

Disadvantages of Manual Search

  • Time Consuming.
  • Expensive.
  • Errors can be found sometimes as it is done manually.

Now that we have an idea of what manual search entails, let us understand the details of an AI search.

What is an AI SEARCH?

AI search refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to deliver the required input automatically through the data provided.

In AI search method, we provide the mark name in the search field and then it processes the report containing all the similar or phonetic results in a systematic and formatted manner.

In AI search, we do not make multiple strategies as it automatically covers all the similar sounding or phonetically similar marks.

Why is AI Trademark Search Method used?

  • Easy to fetch results in one click without making multiple strategies.
  • AI search method also provides you an Automated intelligent analysis.
  • Moreover, in case of super expedite search, it provides you the Instant Delivery of Data in different format Like PDF, RTF, WORD, HTML, EXCEL.
  • AI search provides you with the Ranking of results.
  • The chances of Accuracy are also high in AI search.
  • Similar sounding mark are automatically fetched, there is no other formality of making word variations.
  • Efficient workflow.
  • Time efficient, which means it take less time to perform the search as compared to manual search.
  • It provides you the summary of results automatically.
  • Sorting of data is also possible.
  • Lastly, in AI search, nice classification is compulsory to perform the search.

Disadvantages of AI Search

  • Firstly, Iteration in data or information is not possible.
  • Secondly, We cannot open the results to see all the details.
  • Lastly, It also covers the irrelevant results in the Report.

From the above description about Manual search and AI search method, we can see how each of the two have their own advantages to conduct the search. However, both these methods are superior and efficient. Therefore, one can opt for any method as per the requirement of word mark.

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-Divya Ale (Trademark) and the Editorial Team

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