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Sagacious IP’s Utility Patent Drawings or Illustration services are powered by a core team of draftsmen or illustrators well versed in the art of creating patent drawings that are accurate, cost-effective and minimize office actions. Utility Drawings are an integral part of patent application process as they help to define a complex invention.

Accurate and Affordable Utility Drawings at Flexible Prices


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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

There are multiple instances where Sagacious IP’s Utility Drawings team has converted rough sketches/ideas on paper into conceptual drawings as a first draft and then moved on to the final design. We closely work with inventors to help them capture the desired detail and even helped inventors explore new embodiments of their idea or invention to broaden the scope of the inventions.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious IP assisted a leading US-based manufacturing firm by providing revised patent drawings to overcome the office action received on the old formal drawings. The old formal drawings were rejected by the US examiner due to the lack of surface shadings which were then added by our professionals to overcome the rejections without the addition of any new matter.

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