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Whether you need to assess potential infringement prior to a product launch, or to plan out your next phase of technical development – Sagacious IP’s Freedom To Operate (FTO) searches are designed to help you identify potential roadblocks that may need to be licensed or invalidated; as well as guide product design decisions and/or uncover design around technologies.

Detailed FTO searches with multiple language search options

A Comprehensive Approach to FTOs – The Sagacious Way

At Sagacious IP, we conduct a thorough search to identify patents with claims that could prevent you from manufacturing or selling a certain product or practicing a process in a specific jurisdiction. These searches are detailed enough to guide you in making sound business decisions.

Our detailed FTO searches include:

Sagacious & FTOs


32,000 hours of FTO Search completed


400+ FTO projects completed

Some Clients

Brann, White & Case LLP, Abitz & Partner, Patentanwälte mbB

Global Experience

Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA


Why Us?
Technology Capabilities:

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

We helped a leading Japanese automobile maker with Patent Clearance Search while they were planning to launch a product in new markets in South American and African countries. We visited them to understand the product and its features in details before initiating the project. Our team helped the client not only with a search report but also explained each of the potential threats (highlighted in the search) that were mapping with the product in detail. This exercise helped the company launch the product in a new market without any threat of infringement.

Impact Story 2

When a Japanese organization was facing language barriers in their patent searches, they reached out to us. Patent publications in China are in Chinese language and not in English. One needs to translate the language into English to understand the correct meaning. Since, the translation is not 100% reliable, the search was conducted by our Chinese native language search partner. The final report was created in English language with Chinese references.

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Leverage Sagacious IP’s Custom FTO Searches to Gather Business-Critical Knowledge!

Free Samples - Freedom to Operate Search Reports

Checkout our samples (reports) in different technology/industry domains


Freedom to Operate Search Report for ICT domain

(Information and Communications Technology and related topics)


Freedom to Operate Search Report for Engineering domain

(Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and related topics)


Freedom to Operate Search Report for Life-Sciences & Chemistry domain

(Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and related topics)


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Sample – Freedom to Operate Search Report for ICT domain

Sample – FTO Search Report for Engineering domain

Sample – FTO Search Report for LSC domain