Technology Scouting

Track technological trends in your business vertical

Sagacious IP’s multifaceted Technology Scouting service is regarded as a method of technology forecasting or in a broader context – an element of corporate foresight. With the proliferation of technologies and the growing complexity of products and services, it no longer seems possible for any company, as large as it may be, to innovate alone. Sagacious IP provides technology scouting and sourcing support services to help them achieve their goals.

Systematic and comprehensive Technology Scouting services at flexible pricing

Perform exhaustive Technology Scouting to:

  • To find the best possible solution to your technical problems so that you maintain your product lifecycle.
  • To discover innovative technologies (and their owners) which complement your business ideology and meet your demands and needs to help you stay relevant in the age of disruptive technologies.
  • To strengthen your patent portfolio so that you stay ahead of competition.

Aimed at corporates, innovative Start-ups and technology companies, Sagacious IP’s Technology Scouting Service supports R&D units in their quest to innovate, enables researchers to do better research, and helps companies expand their portfolio and evolve their technologies.

Why Us?
  • 30+ industries and technology areas covered for in-depth understanding and analysis of the technical problem.
  • Pool of 2,000+ researchers, innovators and subject matter experts.
  • Gathering and sourcing relevant technological information from university experts, individual innovators, R&D units and incubation centres.
  • Proficiency in usage of patent, non-patent literature (journals and research articles) and university research databases (e.g. Questel Orbit, Flintbox, AUTM-GTP, ScienceDirect, PubMed, IEEE etc.)
  • Systematic problem-solution approach to identify innovative solutions/technologies and facilitate the technology transfer.
  • Analysis involves identification of relevant references (IP and non-IP), creating technology clusters, taxonomy bucketing and ranking of identified technologies based on Sagacious’ ranking system.
  • Identifying options for platform technologies and in-licensing options for available IP.
  • Complementary services like Technology Evaluation and Market Search for selected Technologies to provide a holistic solution.
  • Multi-level quality checks
  • Customizable reports and search costs
  • Flexibility in using client’s subscription for conducting the scouting services.

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

When a top Germany-based multinational in the field of Biosciences was facing a hurdle in the process of developing a targeted drug-delivery platform and needed to identify existing/potential solutions through collaborations or in-licensing to help in the final development of the product, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 3

When one of the world’s largest companies in e-commerce and cloud services needed to expand its portfolio, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 2

When India’s National Disaster Management Authority wanted a robust technological solution for problems related to earthquake rescue, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 4

When a China-based global leader in manufacturing crop protection products wanted to identify new technologies in the domain of crop protection (herbicidal composition), which aligned with its manufacturing capabilities and were ready to market, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 5

When a world-renowned manufacturer specialized in Diagnostic Equipment was looking to understand how AI integration could automate their proprietary medical device and wanted to identify collaborations or in-licensing opportunities for automation of their existing product to stay relevant with the current trends, they chose Sagacious.

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Free Samples - Technology Scouting Reports

Checkout our samples (reports) in different technology/industry domains


Technology Scouting for ICT domain

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Technology Scouting for Life-Sciences & Chemistry domain

(Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and related topics)


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