Patent Term Adjustment

Extending patent terms, the right way

Sagacious IP’s Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) service enables you to easily extend the term of a US patent by accommodating for the delays caused by the US patent office (USPTO) during the prosecution of a US patent application. The total PTA is an addition to the 20-year lifespan of a US patent. 

Patent term adjustment (PTA) service that is comprehensive and cost-effective.

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A mechanical engineering company approached us with a case in which PTA was not calculated correctly for one of their patents. As it was discovered, during the calculation the newly introduced “Novartis Rule” was not incorporated. Sagacious re-calculated the PTA and as a result, added additional 53 PTA days to the term of the patent.

Impact Story 2

USPTO had incorrectly awarded 103 more days as PTA to one of our clients. Sagacious IP helped correct the errors by providing accurate days of PTA to the client and drafting a petition ready to file at the USPTO. As a result, the USPTO re-calculated the PTA days and saved the client from future legal action by any third-party.

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