Office Action OA Shell Response

Drafting shell response to overcome application rejections

Sagacious IP’s Office Action OA Shell Response service enables you to draft a response to overcome the patent examiner’s objections to the patent application. The response is in the form of a document drafted in a specific format which includes technical and non-technical aspects. Paralegals prepare 80% of the response documents and send them to attorneys to offer legal or technical expertise. 

Drafting OA shell responses that are time saving and cost-effective.

Why do you need a reliable partner for drafting OA Shell Responses?

  • Attorneys receive high volume of Office Actions issued by the USPTO.
  • High attrition rate of in-house paralegals leads to heavy workload on attorneys.
  • A small law firms can focus more on business expansion by relying on a partner to do the heavy lifting.
Why Us?
  • Trained paralegals who are well-versed in all sections of the US patent laws and their impact on the invention.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the US Office Actions response deadline.
  • Good working knowledge of multiple docketing software.
  • Reliable and cost-effective.
  • Use of separate templates for both non-final and final OAs
  • Demonstrate understanding of claim identifier.
  • Incorporate amendments and strike through the rejections.
  • Prepare filing forms required at the time of response filing.

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