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Real-time Paralegal Assistance For Patent Docketing

Get Sagacious IP’s expert paralegal support services to flawlessly manage your patent docketing process throughout the prosecution cycle, thereby ensuring that not a single deadline is missed, which could result in abandonment of the application, thus impacting revenue. Our expert paralegal support structure is designed for end-to-end support that ensures the protection of your IP rights.

Real-Time Docketing Support at Flexible Prices

Why Patent Docketing is Beneficial for IP creators, IP Players and companies with R&D facilities?

  • Maintaining client data online reduces the burden of physical data storage
  • Ease in portfolio access – anytime and anywhere
  • Updated country law in the docketing system ensures no deadlines are missed
  • Prosecution documents upload feature is centralised
Why Sagacious IP?
  • Multi domain expertise with a team of 350+ techno legal experts with a global footprint (India, US, UK, Japan and China).
  • Extensive experience of managing patent dockets on Foundation IP, Anaqua, IP Manager, Memotech, and other databases. This helps in swift transfer of existing applications, faster review and check by in-house managers.
  • A complete iterative workorder where delivery is in accordance to expectations through constant communication and effective time management.
  • Provision to allocate docketing staff in accordance to your preference at two delivery centres in India – Delhi and Bangalore, whichever is preferable.

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