Reverse Engineering

Attention to detail. Guaranteed.

Sagacious IP delivers quality analysis and reports in partnership with a Chinese counterpart which has diverse capability in providing Reverse Engineering analysis of various electronic products including IC technical analysis, IP analysis and Chip Security Detection services and Chip design services.

Sophisticated Reverse Engineering services powered by 400+ dedicated engineers.

Six Dedicated Reverse Engineering Labs in China built with an investment of $60 Million+ USD

  • System Analysis Lab
  • Chemical Characteristics Analysis Lab
  • Electrical Characteristics Testing Lab
  • Process Analysis Lab
  • Chip Etching Lab
  • Photography Lab
Self-Developed EDA Tools
Sagacious IP and partners have developed 5 sets of EDA software with 30+ tools, which cover the full flow of technical analysis and IP analysis.
  • 30 engineers employed in continuous development of software for the past 14 years.
  • The de facto standard tools with 20,000+ licenses issued.
  • Over 30 universities using or teaching these software in the world.

Our RE Capabilities:

  • Competitive Analysis - Understand more about the competitive landscape and know why the competing products perform well.
  • Circuit Extraction and Analysis - Self-developed EDA tools covers the full flow of circuit extraction and analysis
  • Process Analysis – Gain in-depth knowledge of a product’s design and engineering process.
  • IP Analysis – Discover whether your IP is at risk of infringement
  • Lab Services – System tear down, Process analysis, Chip delayer and photography, PCB delayer and imaging, Material analysis, Electrical parameter testing
  • Database Services
  • Customized Patent Analysis Services

Reverse Engineering Services Built on Trust and Sophistication

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