We look for highenergy people for our teams. Whether you are about to start your career or you’re looking for a career growth opportunity in Intellectual Property Rights, Sagacious IP is the right place.

What makes Sagacious IP unique is the way we integrate learning with action plans and how easily we are able to do so through a swift decision-making process. Not only does Sagacious IP provide you with ample opportunities to showcase your talent through meaningful work, but it also makes sure that you are able to hone your skills every single day. careers@sagaciousresearch.com

Working at Sagacious IP

Our knowledge experts come from diverse background and work with global organizations to provide various solutions for their IP requirements through innovation and client-focused service. We are an integral part of the Intellectual Property Outsourcing (IPO) industry and are hailed as one of the leading players in IPO and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

*IPO is a subset of KPO and legal process outsourcing (LPO).

Shubham Tyagi

Project Manager - Searching Engineering Team

Shubham Tyagi

“Four years ago, I joined Sagacious IP as an intern and learnt about the corporate culture, IP industry and ways to be professional at work. The company always maintains a positive work environment with unbiased learning and growth opportunities. Further, it encourages you to voice your opinion regardless of your position in the team or the organization.”

Vikas Kaushik

QC Manager - Illustration Team

Vikas Kaushik

“I have been associated with Sagacious IP for the last 4 years. During my tenure, I have grown as an IP professional in multiple ways. The organization has given me the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment with employees from diverse technical backgrounds. Working together with such a diverse team has helped me learn the intricacies of the IP industry, discover my hidden talents, and hone my existing skills. Fortunately, I have always been surrounded by great individuals, some of whom have been generous in sharing their knowledge to make the teams work efficiently.”

John Britto M

Sr. Manager - Illustration Team

John Britto M

“Sagacious IP is an organization that acknowledges talent. It also provides an excellent platform to its employees for effective training and learning latent skills. Throughout my tenure at the company, my team has been supportive of my decisions to create opportunities and implement ideas.”

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