Patent Infringement / Licensing Opportunity Monitoring

Enhance your ability to recognize opportunities

Sagacious IP’s Patent Infringement/ Licensing Opportunity Monitoring service identifies the products/ processes violating the patent rights where a licensing deal can take place to generate revenue for the patent owners. Monitoring these opportunities enables you to maximize the benefits from a patent or the entire patent portfolio.

Patent Infringement/ Licensing Opportunity Monitoring that is rapid and cost-effective

Why do you need a dedicated Patent Infringement/licensing opportunity monitoring service?

  • For monitoring infringement by competitors
  • For revenue generation opportunities with new players in the market
  • For patent portfolio management and optimization
  • For patent pruning decisions related to dormant patents
  • For revenue generation from patents before they go out of trend
We believe no patent should go to waste. Our clients trust us for monitoring such opportunities for their patents because we leverage:
  • Subject matter experts to quickly screen and prioritize patents
  • Tech-savvy enthusiasts to identify infringements
  • Interpretation of patent claims at product and process level
  • Identification of applications in alternate/ secondary markets
  • In-depth product/ process research capabilities


Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

The world’s largest cloud computing company based out of Seattle, US with a 20K+ portfolio size has been utilizing Sagacious IP’s monitoring services periodically for their patent related to Virtualization and Enterprise Storage Systems, Data Mining & Warehousing, Middleware / Operating Systems, Computer Networking, and Security, Database Management (RDBMS, OODBMS). They have expressed special interest in tapping new players continuously entering their operating market.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious IP conducted a pilot project for the largest electronic tool manufacturing company in Germany wherein a quick analysis of their patent portfolio was performed to identify a good patent and its use by one of their competitors. Additionally, a quick claim chart was also prepared to showcase the overlap between the claim of the identified patent and the product.

Get Started with monitoring Patent infringement/licensing opportunities and open new channels of revenue.

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