Patent Infringement / Licensing Opportunity Monitoring

Enhance your ability to recognize opportunities

Sagacious IP’s Patent Infringement/ Licensing Opportunity Monitoring service identifies the products/ processes violating the patent rights where a licensing deal can take place to generate revenue for the patent owners. Monitoring these opportunities enables you to maximize the benefits from a patent or the entire patent portfolio.

Patent Infringement/ Licensing Opportunity Monitoring that is rapid and cost-effective

Why do you need a dedicated Patent Infringement/licensing opportunity monitoring service?


We believe no patent should go to waste. Our clients trust us for monitoring such opportunities for their patents because we leverage:

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

The world’s largest cloud computing company based out of Seattle, US with a 20K+ portfolio size has been utilizing Sagacious IP’s monitoring services periodically for their patent related to Virtualization and Enterprise Storage Systems, Data Mining & Warehousing, Middleware / Operating Systems, Computer Networking, and Security, Database Management (RDBMS, OODBMS). They have expressed special interest in tapping new players continuously entering their operating market.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious IP conducted a pilot project for the largest electronic tool manufacturing company in Germany wherein a quick analysis of their patent portfolio was performed to identify a good patent and its use by one of their competitors. Additionally, a quick claim chart was also prepared to showcase the overlap between the claim of the identified patent and the product.

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