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Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscape Search enables customers to understand how a technology or industry is evolving by giving an overview and analysis of patent information. Customers leverage Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscapes to identify patents competition is filing, their patenting strategy, new opportunities/ threats in the domain, M&A possibilities, technology white spaces AND tailor their business and R&D investments accordingly.

Patent Landscape Customized for Every Budget and Specific Need

Businesses, law firms, R&D institutions and inventors rely on Sagacious IP’s Patent Analytics in following scenarios:

Patent landscape output is different for each individual need.


Why Organizations Rely on Sagacious IP for Patent Landscape Search?

Leverage Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscape services to gain data-driven insights including:

Impact Stories

Doubled Invention Output for one of the largest Luxury Car Maker

Sagacious IP worked very closely with R&D and IP teams of one of the largest German luxury car maker on directed IP landscapes to guide R&D teams invent in the right direction as well as accelerate the process. Within one year of engagement, we were able to double the invention disclosure form submissions from one of their R&D teams.  

Decreased R&D spend per patent by 23%

For one of the largest consumer electronics company from Japan, we setup regular tracking of competition, not only to monitor their technology/ business/ inventions focus areas but also to access their overall R&D and IP strategy + investments. Based on this they realized they were spending much higher per patentable invention than their industry peers globally. After carefully analyzing their R&D and patenting strategy (including accessing team sizes per invention, patent filing strategy, geographical spread, patent maintenance strategy, etc) – they learned and made customizations to their own strategy. In two years of engagement, we could see almost 23% reduction in investment per patent family.

Accelerated R&D for Covid19 related Inventions

We worked with numerous large and small organizations operating in different areas like medical devices, test kits, vaccines, PPEs, etc. With IP landscapes we were able to accelerate their research as well as product development by reducing their time on reinventing the wheel and proceeding in the right direction with right information all the time.

Generated 9 high quality new patentable ideas in one 4 hours session

For one of the largest two wheeler manufacturer from Japan, we organized a brain storming session of inventors from various teams. The session was comprised of three part. First part was where inventors were given 45 minutes to write all their ideas about the given topic. Second was to discuss/ refine those ideas as well as come up with new ideas while working in teams of three. From these two phases we got around 23 ideas. The last session was to show them a landscape of already existing inventions and let them rework their ideas/ create new ones. After third session, the ideas we got were much more improved with more implementation details and the ideas were down to just 13. Out of which after some further development offline and Novelty assessment, 9 Ideas were found patentable and executable.

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Free Samples - Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Reports

Checkout our samples (reports) in different technology/industry domains


Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report for ICT domain

(Information and Communications Technology and related topics)


Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report for Engineering domain

(Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and related topics)


Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report for Life-Sciences & Chemistry domain

(Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and related topics)


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Sample – Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report for ICT domain

Sample – Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report for Engineering domain

Sample – Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report for LSC domain