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Sagacious IP believes in partnering and collaboration to create value for our clients and IP ecosystem in general. There are different ways in which we provide more value to our customers and collaborate with other entities for greater good. Some of the ways you, as a customer or otherwise, can benefit from our partner programs are mentioned below.

For IP Lawyers/ Practices

We partner with over 800+ law firm clients globally to help them achieve cost efficiencies, extending technology capabilities and business development support through patent intelligence.

As a value addition to our commercial service offerings, the Sagacious IP Partner Privilege Program is crafted for you – our Law Firm Clients – to further leverage Sagacious IP capabilities to:

  • Stay informed through Complimentary Tailored Landscape Report(s), Industry IP Market Watch Reports*
  • Gain on-demand access to IP information / contact data of your prospects, your technology areas and markets through complimentary HAPPYHOURS Research Assistance
  • Avail CASHBACKS when spending on Sagacious IP’s commercial service offerings
  • Engage in close interactions with our IP Research Solution Architects to design new service offerings and avail priority support for your needs
  • Contribute to our long-term strategy and direction by being part of our Customer Advisory Board.

*When requesting Industry IP Market Watch Reports, clients can use the UNSPSC classification to select industries/product categories to watch.

To learn more about our IP Practice Partnership Program, please contact us now

For R&D Driven Corporations/SMEs

We partner with global R&D driven corporations/SMEs, who need reliable, time sensitive and secure IP outsourcing capabilities across the innovation and IPR lifecycle. Our corporate clients benefit from our multi-sector domain expertise, time sensitive turnaround, transparent communication, and pricing. As a key customer you would also be able to contribute to our long-term strategy and direction by being part of our Customer Advisory Board.

To learn more about our Corporate Partnership Program, please contact us now.

For Software Tool/Platform Companies

We partner with technology platforms who offer cutting edge, state of the art tools that help R&D driven Corporations/SMEs to focus on the right things and scale their innovation outcomes.

By partnering with us, you gain the advantages of,

  • Quick high-quality customer validations though one-on-one customer interactions and
  • Deep and closed feedback loops through curated Customer Advisory Boards for your platform
  • Faster market access to over 1200+ global clients through global inside and field sales teams
  • Access to unparalleled domain expertise in over 48 technology domains where we annually spend at least 5000 hours of Analyst time enabling rapid internal testing and high quality verticalization of your software platform

To learn more about our Software Tool/Platform Companies Partnership Program, please contact us now.

For Academic / Research Institutes

Having worked with over 100 academic / research institutes, we understand your challenges when it comes to patent protection and technology commercialization. We work with you hand in hand to support you tech transfer desk and enabling high quality analytics support to set the research direction within your organization or identify prospective commercial research partners.

To learn more about our Academic / Research Institute Partnership Program, please contact us now.

For Other IP Ecosystem Players

We are open to partnerships that help us improve ourselves or add value to the overall IP industry. We partner with Not for profit organizations, universities, incubators, impact funds and other organizations that are contributing to unique causes that have social, environmental, health or economic impact.

We are keen to hear from you about how Sagacious IP can be a partner in achieving shared and meaningful goals.

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