Novelty Search Report – SV4

Ascertaining the patentability of an invention prior to filing a patent application is essential for every business, and the best way to accomplish this goal is to carry out novelty searches. Reports created for novelty searches reveal information on patent and non-patent literature that affect the novelty of an invention and thus helps businesses in making informed business and strategic decisions. While there are multiple variants of novelty searches to choose from, search variant 4 (SV4) is one of the most popular ones. Sagacious IP’s novelty searches especially the SV4 searches cover more than 100 jurisdictions and use keywords in six major languages such as English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and German.

Our SV4 novelty searchsample reportcovers:

  • Overview and background of SV4 novelty search.
  • The understanding section includes invention summary, search & analysis focus, and key features.
  • Relevance criteria that cover relevant, related, and interesting results.
  • The search results section encompasses a summary, conclusion, and detailed analysis of search results.
  • The methodology that was adopted for performing novelty searches.
  • The complete search strategy including search strings and data sources.
  • Sanity List covering the documents that were not included in the report.

Download our sample report to know more.

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