Patent Portfolio Monitoring: Know How to Effectively Use Monitoring for IP Commercialization and Monetization – Webinar

Patent portfolio monitoring:

Patents are usually the intangible assets of a company, but their commercialization is an important contributor towards corporate success. Since innovations are of immense significance in the attainment of a competitive edge today, their successful commercialization & monetization is of considerable interest for stakeholders and investors.

Thus, effective commercialization & monetization strategies become integral for successful use of any patent portfolio for a company.

Patent portfolio monitoring helps in creating these effective strategies by:

  1. Identifying potential infringers for your patent portfolio
  2. Monitoring these infringing products to determine next step:
    -Whether to go the litigation route
    -The potential infringers can be potential licensees
    – Acquiring the products can also be an effective strategy
    – Monitoring potential for technology transfer opportunities (specifically for universities)
  3. Watching the portfolio of players in the market to understand their R&D direction and identify potential for out-licensing/transfer of rights.
  4. Assessing the marketing activities of players to identify potential buyers.
  5. Surveilling the market to understand how to fine-tune these strategies:
  • Market dynamics determine whether there is scope for commercialization of the technology
  • Monitoring various marketing activities of competitors and other players in the market helps understand the right method of commercialization (whether the market is suitable for acquisition or collaborations)

Key-points to be covered in this webinar

  1. Different strategies employed for commercialization of patent portfolios and how monitoring strengthens the strategies.
  2. How does monitoring the market in a particular domain help identify potential infringers.
  3. Moreover, how does monitoring portfolios and market help identify potential collaborators and/or licensees.
  4. Lastly, how tracking commercialized patents/deals in a domain help you devise your own strategies

Key-note Speaker

Harsha Agarwal, Assistant Manager LSC, Sagacious IP


Ram Tenneti, EVP, Sagacious IP

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