Patenting Latest Technologies – Insights, Challenges & Solutions: eBook

patenting latest technologies

Patenting Latest Technologies

Based on our experience in the industry, we have summarized some valuable Industry Insights, Challenges & their Solutions on Patenting  Latest Technologies.

It includes:

  • Introduction: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Autonomous vehicles have been the buzzwords in this decade. This report will brief you about the state of patenting in these technologies, the challenges in patenting these technologies and their solutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence- The state of innovation: It includes industry insights on Patent filings worldwide & its  geography, Top assignee worldwide & from India, Assignee technology areas, including India, Patent filings – India, & the Top Acquisitions.
  • Internet of Things- The state of innovation
  • Autonomous Vehicles- The state of innovation
  • The state of Patenting in AI, IoT, and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Challenges in obtaining patent in these fields
  • Solutions and best practices for patenting 

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patenting latest technologies

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