Using Technology Landscape Analysis For Tech Credentialing

Conducting a comprehensive analysis, such as a Technology Landscape Analysis, before entering a market ensures success to the greatest extent possible. The key insights derived from such an analysis supports sound decision making. It sheds light on the crucial elements, such as the current market scenario, level of competition, market standing of the organisation, the latest methods, techniques, and much more.

Our latest case study talks about one such instance when our Landscape Search service helped a client in attaining the desired understanding of the market and reach a conclusive decision in enhancing their product.

Testing the waters

A Fortune 500 company with a strong presence in consumer segments, such as: Hair, Skin, Personal Care, Grooming, Home Care, etc. recently approached us.

They wanted to conduct a market analysis to discover how their global competitors credentialed their technology and, also, to understand the technical advancement of their products. Moreover, they also wanted to know how the protected IP is conveyed to the consumers in the simplest language to expand the market base.

And lastly, they were also interested in determining how competitors communicate the differentiating factors of their product from others based on the technology.

This exercise involved studying the existing level of IP, but the main focus was on evaluating the market presence of the technology.

Taking up the mammoth task

The client shared a compilation of around 20 competitors across eight segments in four South Asian markets. The scope of the project was massive. There were multiple products under each segment, numerous segments under each brand, and various brands under each competitor.

And all these components were to be studied for their IP, presence in scientific literature, technology presence on social media, e-commerce, press release and blogs across markets.

The Solution

We began by developing detailed taxonomy in order to keep things sorted and clear. The taxonomy covered all the competitors and emerged as shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Taxonomy to sort and cover all elements systematically

Moreover, the indicative features were highlighted with supporting information like product claims and case studies.

Hence, the overall project covered a vast landscape across various technological segments. Also, due to vastness of the analysis, the graphical trends were quite diverse.

Consequently, from the insights the following information was obtained (Figure 2):

Figure 2: Insights gathered through extensive research
  1. We were able to identify the top competitors in each segment and market.
  2. We highlighted the most credentialed technological segment with which the consumers communicated the most.
  3. We spotted competitors credentialing their technology through patents and trademarks.
  4. We located the markets with the maximum IP of the credentialed products.
  5. We were also able to find the most popular social media and e-commerce platforms among companies to credential their technologies and to make consumers understand the differentiating product elements.

The Result

The project was interesting to analyse, given the trends that kept on unfolding at various stages throughout the process.

The client was able to receive bite-sized yet highly impactful information, compiled into technology landscape and graphical deliverables, which they could use to understand upcoming competition and align with their strategy accordingly.

The client was satisfied with the results as Sagacious IP assisted them in enhancing their decision-making process and make it more defined and targeted. The research covered aspects that were highly crucial – expansive enough for the desired depth.

Nudging the right decisions

Taking sound decisions are indispensable to achieve organisational goals. And when an extensive research with great depth backs your decisions, you become unstoppable. At Sagacious IP, helping our clients to achieve their goals is our top-most priority. Learn more about our Landscape Analysis service through which we can help you in achieving your goals.

  • Devika Saini (Life Sciences) and the Editorial Team

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