Press Release: Award-Winning Attorney William Ting Joins Sagacious ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council

William Ting, Member, Sagacious IP ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council

SEATTLE, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / — Sagacious IP, one of the leading IP research and consulting firms globally, has announced the onboarding of William Ting to its ‘Future of IP’ Advisory Council. The ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council assists the company’s leadership in spotting emerging business opportunities and strategizing the roadmap for the future.

The Sagacious IP’s ‘Future of IP’ Advisory Council was established to help the company lead the charge in the ever-evolving world of intellectual property. Members of the council are renowned IP experts with considerable global experience.

William Ting is an award-winning attorney with proven expertise in designing successful IP strategies and protecting and monetizing intellectual property rights like patents and trade secrets. He has held strategically important positions at Fortune 500 companies in Taiwan and US. In addition to supporting big companies, he also actively mentors start-ups in building an innovation culture, capturing, and protecting industry-leading IP to position them strongly in the market. He also has extensive experience in semiconductors, software, digital assets, and AI.

Taking on this new endeavor, William Ting, said, “Looking forward to help Sagacious IP enable global innovators, large and small, to find commercial meaning in our age of unprecedented scientific prowess so that they may choose how and why emerging inventions may be used in the full dignity of ESG responsibility, always remembering that technologies are made to serve humankind.”

Sagacious IP has always been a forward-looking, market leader in the IP industry through its meticulous research competencies and focus on learning from global best-practices and innovation. With a deep vault of experience in the global IP industry, William’s addition will help Sagacious further its objective of becoming a forum to reflect and shape the future of IP,” said Anant Kataria, Chief Executive Officer, Sagacious IP.

The members of the ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council advise the company’s management on emerging threats and opportunities in the IP domain, and aid in serving customers with cutting-edge IP solutions.

About Sagacious IP

Sagacious IP is an award-winning IP research solutions provider working with the world’s largest companies, law firms, institutions, research organizations, and inventors to help them monetize, defend, and expand their patent portfolios and drive innovation within their industries.

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