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End-to-End SEP Acquisition Support

With immense experience of licensing and monetizing SEPs, Sagacious can help clients with end-to-end SEP acquisition process including identifying buying needs, identifying acquisition targets, doing due diligence and valuation of the identified assets before acquisition as well as negotiations and deal closures. You can make use of Sagacious’ vast experience to understand the intricacies involved in the process and maximize the deal value for you.

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Why Choose Sagacious for End-to-End SEP Acquisition Support?

Impact Stories

IP For Defense

A US based large corporate in the networking domain was hit with litigation from another litigious corporate. Sagacious mined relevant patents from a third-party corporate that were then acquired by the company, to counter-assert the plaintiff. During this process, Sagacious didn’t disclose the identity of the buyer as often sellers and/or their brokers may inflate the prices when dealing with large corporations / ultimate end users depending on buyers’ perceived level of need.

Strategic Acquisition

A European unicorn with a strong product is competing with the likes of the Fortune20 companies in its space. It is hence on an acquisition spree. Sagacious identified a small corporate but with a strong patent portfolio in the domain as a potential acquisition opportunity. The unicorn acquired the whole company.

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