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Sagacious IP offers a competitive proposal in just a few simple steps. Our goal is to offer the best price-quality advantage that saves you time and costs.

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If you have already received a proposal but still are open to examining more options, Sagacious IP will be happy to offer a quick competitive quote free of charge. Also, we strictly adhere to the Non-Disclosure commitment and do not share your shared information. To receive a quote, please follow these 3 simple steps –

Don't have a quote yet? We Have Got You Covered

Sagacious IP offers thousands of quotations annually to prominent IP industry players, including law firms, universities, IP and R&D departments, individual creators, startups etc. We provide quotes in strict compliance with a commitment to Non-disclosure. If you are handling a large project and need one or more IP-related services, we can help you. Please follow these 3 steps.

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Free consultations on your project/proposals

On-demand faster delivery

14+ years of experience

Some Differentiators for Sagacious IP are

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