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World’s Top Companies Innovating for Our Green Future

The State of Quality Patents in GREENTECH

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In 2020, Sagacious IP initiated a patent landscape exploration to identify top innovators driving a greener future through their patenting efforts.

The first report, published in 2021, highlighted leading innovators in green tech generating high-quality patents focused on climate change mitigation.

The GREEN100 initiative ranks organizations with exceptional patent portfolios, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of green tech innovation.

The findings serve as a resource for organizations to benchmark their R&D efforts and align strategies with the needs of a green future.

Sagacious IP is committed to contributing to patent analytics, assisting organizations in adopting best practices and benchmarking their patent portfolios in the green tech space.







Edition 1

The first edition of the “Top Global Innovators Innovating for a Green Future” report by Sagacious IP, a WIPO GREEN Partner, received an overwhelmingly positive response. This comprehensive study analyzed 2.5 million green patents filed from 2015 to 2019, spanning 814,919 unique patent families across 30,000 IPC classifications in 100+ countries. Recognizing the top 100 global companies driving innovation in green technology, the report’s rigorous methodology assessed patent quality through citation analysis, sector impact, and other attributes. The enthusiastic reception from stakeholders highlighted the value and impact of the report within the industry.



Edition 2

After receiving a positive response to the first report, and driven by a vision for a greener planet, Sagacious IP has committed to an annual release of similar findings. The GREEN100® Index 2023 in the 2nd report edition is this series. While the underlying methodology remains largely the same, minor adjustments have been made to accommodate a transition from a 5-year duration in the baseline study to a 1-year duration for the current edition. These adjustments enable rankings to be computed and compared on a year-on-year basis, providing timely analysis of progress in the green technology domain. The launch of this report further solidifies Sagacious IP’s dedication to tracking and showcasing advancements in the field of green innovation. Explore Edition 2 Report 


All the organizations with share in Green Patent Portfolio, have been evaluated using an assessment framework that relies on multiple parameters indicative of three key components using the Sagacious Patent Portfolio Quality Mix (SPPQM) Methodology. These components are,

Commitment to Green Future

Assesses the commitment each organization is exhibiting for the Green future. The commitment is assessed based on investment they have made in research as depicted by their IP filings (Absolute Green Portfolio Size, Geographical Spread etc).

Current Impact on Green Future

Measures the current impact, they are likely to have created towards a Green future. This impact is adjudged broadly though the overall quality of their individual Green Patent Portfolio as well as number of industries/ players impacted through their patented research.

Potential of Crafting the Green Future

Determines if an organization is consistently contributing to the Green Future with a patent pipeline to lead the Green future. This is evaluated based on their Green Patent Pipeline, future potential to exclude as well as future applicability of their patented research.


Sagacious IP has been assisting its clients in determining strength and quality of large patent portfolios for many years. The Sagacious Patent Portfolio Quality Mix (SPPQM) methodology has been refined and strengthened over the years. On thousands of occasions, this methodology has been used by various mid and large size organizations in making strategic decisions such as portfolio pruning, benchmarking, licensing and/or acquisition etc. The SPPQM methodology offers flexibility to derive the outcome based on the nature of the project. For GREEN100™ Ranking, 15 distinct objective parameters have been considered to evaluate the patent portfolio’s quality. The methodology is also validated through focused deliberations with Industry experts particularly to define the scope of the research.

The process of Portfolio Quality Mix analysis involves following steps broadly:

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