Patent Counter Assertion

Choosing the right asset for patent litigations

Our Patent Counter Assertion service defends clients in patent litigation via a detailed study of the asserter’s product lines to mine patents from the defendant’s portfolio. Patents are mined in priority-wise batches based on a quick and flexible approach.

For an operating company, one of the strategies behind acquiring patents could be lowering the risk profile, especially the risk of patent litigation which comes from operating companies in the direct market ecosystem.

The patent counter assertion strategy defends in patent litigation by focusing on the product line that contributes the most to the asserter’s revenue. Also, in case of multiple set of patents from the portfolio applicable on product lines, patents are mined based on their relevance in priority-wise batches.

Our detail-driven Patent Counter Assertion service is time bound, therefore it caters to the critical requirement of a patent litigation i.e. a quick turnaround time.

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Impact Story 1

A US based memory company was threatened by one of the SMEs for infringement of multiple patents. Sagacious IP helped the company in identifying the patents from the client’s portfolio most relevant to the SMEs product line which then helped the client to settle the case.

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