Best Strategies to Search Non-Patent Literature – Webinar

Non-patent literature (NPL) is as important as patents and can become a prior-art for your invention. Therefore, it is important to search non-patent literature efficiently. It is difficult, however, for novices to search NPL on databases as it requires expertise in various types of NPL that can disclose a patent invention and serve as a prior art.

In this webinar, we will discuss the different types of non-patent literature, top locations on the web where you can search NPL and the importance of this literature with some examples. 

Key-points covered in this webinar

  1. Importance of non-patent literature (NPL) searching.
  2. A good NPL can invalidate a patent!
  3. NPL searching can help in quickly understanding competitors in a domain.
  4. NPL searching can help in better patent search.
  5. NPL searching can give quick ideas to innovate.

Key-note speaker

Parminder Singh Senior, Patent Analyst, Sagacious IP


Tanmay Mittal, Head, IP Solutions – India Region, Sagacious IP

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