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R&D and innovation focused organizations looking for support in green technology related patent research and analytics can find Sagacious IP’s GREEN 100 study findings and the underlying enriched patent datasets useful for their internal initiatives.

Quality-Scored Enriched Green Patent Datasets

Sagacious GREEN100 has evaluated and scored over 2.5 million patents relating to green technologies. 15 indicators of quality like citations etc. and the derived Quality-scores are assigned to each patent family. This data can be an insightful source for your objectives like,

Datasets available include:

NOTE: The datasets can be ordered for the duration in which this study was performed. However, in case of specific requests, the data can be updated as per client requirements. The datasets are delivered in Microsoft Excel format.

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Custom Services

Aided with high-quality Global Green Patent datasets, Sagacious can offer the following services,

Green Patent Landscaping and Monitoring:
This can help to,
Green Technologies Patent Searching
Green Technology Evaluations and Patents Benchmarking
Utility Patent Drawings 1

Companies may consider licensing/selling their patent portfolio for the additional revenue generation. Companies may want to start with high-quality patents that have been already identified by the proprietary methodology.

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