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Sagacious IP’s exhaustive Trademark Search solutions are designed to give customers the insights they need before they file for trademarks. Furthermore, product-driven companies across the spectrum now rely on trademark searches before they launch products or services in new markets. Trademark searches enable businesses to save time and cost while filing trademarks by allowing them to side-step any form of infringement or rejection.

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Why Organizations Rely on Sagacious IP for Trademark Searches?
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Sagacious IP enabled one of the world’s largest India-based IT and R&D services providers to file 50+ trademark applications globally, related to both design and word. The client was able to get the results it needed through our highly detailed searches and subsequent report that was classified into three main categories and came with expert summary for each result.


Trademark search is a process that helps businesses to determine whether or not a trademark (mark) can be used for commercial purposes without resulting in infringement litigation. These searches can either be narrow in scope or broad enough to fetch results from every avenue. This is because any existing mark can be similar to the mark chosen for registration.

Trademark search is an important step before filing because it prevents an applicant from spending money on a trademark that’s not available. A trademark should be unique and original in order to avoid infringement-related legal disputes. A meticulous trademark search offers the flexibility to modify the mark before launch. Furthermore, the process saves money by eliminating the chances of forced rebranding and by minimizing litigation costs.

While a standard trademark search is a process that helps businesses to gain valuable insights before filing for a trademark (by establishing whether the proposed trademark is available for use), a comprehensive trademark search involves the examination of additional databases with the help of specialized search firms which have access to several of them for better results.

A comprehensive search dives into a more complete and thoughtful comparison of terms, unlike a standard search which only uses the exact trademark and few obvious variations.

Trademark search is an exhaustive process that requires high expertise and skills for effective results. Businesses often hire trademark search partners to not only attain high-quality outcomes but also save time and money. Such partners have access to several databases and offer quick results on existing similar trademark names which fall under the same classifications.

A USPTO trademark search refers to searching the USPTO’s trademark database, also known as Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), to determine whether the subject trademark has already been registered or applied for. TESS contains the records of active and inactive trademark registrations and applications, which are used to identify whether the subject trademark is similar to any existing one and if it has been used for related products and services.

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Global Trademark Search without Breaking the Bank

Trademark Practitioners: Scaling Recurring Revenue and Bandwidth