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Strategically acquiring patents can give you ownership of proven IP, focused on technology that matters now, with the broad protection afforded by patents filed by early innovators. Leverage Sagacious IP’s Patent Acquisition Support service to address immediate competitive concerns and even use it in cross-licensing discussions with other companies to get access to specific technologies.

End-to-end Patent Acquisition Support Services at Affordable Prices.

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Sagacious IP’s Patent Acquisition Support is ideal for the following:

Impact Stories

IP For Defence

A US based corporate in the networking domain was hit with litigation from another litigious corporate. Sagacious mined relevant patents from a large third-party corporate that were then acquired by the company, to counter-assert the plaintiff.

Strategic Acquisition

A European unicorn with a strong product is competing with the likes of the Fortune 20 companies in its space. Hence, it is on an acquisition spree. Sagacious identified a small corporate but with a strong patent portfolio in the domain as a potential acquisition opportunity. The unicorn acquired the whole company.

Leverage Patent Acquisition Support to Protect Your IP and Expand Business Interests

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