Non-patent Literature Search

Expand Your Search and Widen the Scope of Your IP

Sagacious IPs Non-Patent Search retrieves published information that is crucial for any stage of a product lifecycle. Non-patent literature (NPL) are articles published in scientific journals, public conference disclosures, research announcements as well as public disclosure platforms such as social media, datasheets, magazines, etc. Sagacious IP is well equipped to provide a thorough overview of existing prior arts to save time, maximise quality and scope of your patents.

Multi-Lingual Searching Capability With A Quick Turn Around

Why Perform Non-Patent Literature Search?

  • Identify articles, dissertation, cited literature around which an invention is worked upon.
  • Identify market trends, product launch, sales, mergers/acquisitions, consumer behaviour, application areas and business strategy of competitors.
  • Availability of non-patent information before a patent/application is published (which can take around 18 months).
  • Information published on various websites, sources, reports etc. is useful for each party at the time of opposition/litigation of a patent.
  • Specifically, for infringement /licensing search that involve determining of products that map to a patent, relies heavily on non-patent literature.
  • Many customised searches, like due diligence before making a business decision or search on a niche area involve exploring literature/products that are not always captured in patents.
  • Certain specialized searches, such as sequence and structure searches are performed on non-patent literature database, since a lot of known sequences and chemical names are available there as standard information.
  • NPL search can be integrated with various patent searches, like Landscape Search, Patentability Search, Due Diligence, etc.

Who Is It Useful For?

  • Companies functional in R&D
  • Research Institutes/Universities (Technology Transfer Offices)
  • Individual Inventors/Primary Researchers
  • Secondary Researchers/Knowledge Analysts
  • Plaintiffs/Defendants in Infringement cases
  • Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs)
  • Entities interested to license/sell/share their IP assets

What Sets Sagacious IP Apart?

Apart from diverse databases we use for identifying NPL:

  • Multi-lingual searching capability (10+ languages)
  • Industry level expertise (scholars, corporate scientists, attorneys etc.) that provide their insights on the subject technology/search
  • Quick Turn Around time
  • Searching and Analysis by technical experts
  • Collaboration with leading institutes to understand reverse engineering of products/technology in the markets

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A US-based organization was facing loss of revenue in the market and approached us for developing a new sales strategy. Sagacious IP analysed the company’s portfolio and performed an extensive search to identify competing products in the market. Among many competing products, we identified a product line related to the client’s technological capabilities.

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