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Sagacious IP’s Non-Patent Search retrieves published information that is crucial for any stage of a product lifecycle. Non-patent literature(NPL) are articles published in scientific journals, public conference disclosures, research announcements as well as public disclosure platforms such as social media, datasheets, magazines, etc. Sagacious IP is well equipped to provide a thorough overview of existing prior arts to save time, maximise quality and scope of your patents.

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Why Perform Non-Patent Literature Search?

Who Is It Useful For?
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What Sets Sagacious IP Apart?

Apart from diverse databases we use for identifying NPL:

Impact Story

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A US-based organization was facing loss of revenue in the market and approached us for developing a new sales strategy. Sagacious IP analysed the company’s portfolio and performed an extensive search to identify competing products in the market. Among many competing products, we identified a product line related to the client’s technological capabilities.

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Free Samples - Non-patent Literature Search Reports

Checkout our samples (reports) in different technology/industry domains


Non-patent Literature Search for ICT domain

(Information and Communications Technology and related topics)


Non-patent Literature Search for Engineering domain

(Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and related topics)


Non-patent Literature Search for Life-Sciences & Chemistry domain

(Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and related topics)


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