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Use our unique methodology to not only quickly identify relevant prior arts but also deliver the information you seek, structured as per your unique legal and technical requirements, to make quick IP decisions.

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Summary and Detailed Mapping Views
Tic-tac-toe Mapping:

Provides an overview of the key features mapped in the identified references.

Invalidity Claim Charts:

Detailed Key feature-based Mapping – Relevant text and our comments against each key feature.

Claim Scope Determination
File History Analysis:

Methodology is based on prosecution history, and the scope is understood based on the support in the description.

Complaint Analysis:

We also prefer reviewing the complaint / notice so that we can understand the critical piece clearly and plan the search.

*Free Customization and Iteration till your Satisfaction
Frequently Asked Questions

With a decade of experience working with patent attorneys, attorneys at law, and in-house IP counsels from over 1,500 companies worldwide. Using tools and techniques which are the best in the market and with a success rate of 72% in invalidity searches, we assure the highest quality service.

The search covers patent literature, non-patent literature, and industrial designs from over 100 countries, with a collaborative effort and no upper cap on the search effort.

The search is conducted using English, German, and French language strategies, with additional support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean through machine translation.

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