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Get Sagacious IP’s expert paralegal support services to flawlessly manage your patent docketing process throughout the prosecution cycle, thereby ensuring that not a single deadline is missed. Missing deadlines could result in the abandonment of the application and impact your revenue. Our expert paralegal support structure is designed for end-to-end support that ensures the protection of your IP rights.

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The process of managing the entire process of filing a patent application is called patent docketing. Patent docketing is critical to ensuring that all deadlines during patent filing are met and the documents are effectively organized and labeled so that they can be retrieved whenever needed.

Companies that cannot invest their time, cost, and resources in patent docketing, often outsource their docketing work to external vendors. This way of docketing patents remotely is called remote/virtual/outsourced patent docketing. It not only saves time but also reduces the cost associated with the process.

A patent docketing software enables companies to keep a track of all deadlines or dates related to their patent(s) as well as managing the overall patent docketing process.

The overall cost of patent docketing depends on the portfolio size and segregation of portfolio into pending/granted patents. In general, patent docketing costs approx. $100 for docketing 50 patents’ information per month.

Patent docketing helps in keeping records of all the patents in the portfolio at a centralized location. It also saves one from missing deadlines that can ultimately result in abandonment of the patent.

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