Competitor Monitoring

Our hyper-targeted Patent Monitoring services allow you to gain the knowledge you need to put your plans into motion. From keeping a watch on your competitors’ IP to monitoring a specific technical domain and even your own portfolio of patents and publications, we’ve got you covered.

Why monitor Competitors?

timely updates

Provide timely updates about Competitors’ product developments

Regular updates

Regular updates of the competitors’ IP, helps in predicting the competitor's strategy

Constant updates

Constant updates of IP for a particular technology, for being updated about new inventions/ entrants in the domain

Regular updates on market activities

Regular updates on infringing products & market activities

Why Us?
Technology Capabilities:

Who might need this service?

Regular updates on market activities

IP Counselors

R&D Managers

R&D Managers



Regular updates

Strategy makers

Case Studies


Patent watch is defined as the routine process carried out by businesses for monitoring published patent applications or patents that have been issued recently.

It is essential to watch patents regularly to monitor your competitors’ patents, a specific technological domain or even your own patent portfolio or publications.


Patents are monitored for change in legal status and events in the prosecution. Patents are monitored by reviewing the file wrappers/ transaction history from the corresponding official PTO websites.

Patent Watch costs somewhere between $900-$1000 for monitoring 10-12 applications for one year (monthly monitoring).

Companies and individual inventors must monitor their own as well as their competitors’ patents.

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