Patent Invalidity Search

When speed and accuracy matter

Sagacious IP’s award-winning Patent Invalidity Search service enables you to identify patent and non-patent documents which may impact the validity of claims of a patent. Our unique methodology not only helps you quickly identify relevant prior arts, but also delivers the information you seek, structured as per your unique legal and technical requirements, enabling you to make quick IP decisions.

Patent Invalidity Search

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Why us?
  • 300+ researchers specializing in ICT, Engineering and Life Sciences domains.
  • 2,000+ searches conducted for clients till date.
  • Keyword-based search capabilities in more than 16 languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  • Calibration with a Document of Understanding (DoU) and a kick-off call before initiating any assignment.
  • Tic-tac-toe Mapping – Provides an overview of the key features mapped in the identified references
  • Detailed Key feature-based Mapping – Relevant text and our comments against each key feature.
  • PDF copy with highlighted relevant text (i.e. text disclosing the required key features) for each identified reference is provided separately.
  • Search and analysis of the patents in native languages through in-house experts.
  • Client Interaction during project execution and reporting interim results helps our clients in reviewing the results in real time and save time.
  • Interaction during project execution and reporting interim results helps our clients in reviewing the results in real time.
  • Silver Bullet and Silver Bullet Plus Invalidity Searches are our Trademarked search variants in which we Guarantee “Killer Art”.

Silver Bullet Invalidity Search

If it exists, we will find it.

Exhaustive and all-encompassing ‘Killer Art’ search on an exclusive pay-for-result model.

Finding a killer art is an ‘art’
A Fortune 100 company in the printing industry with a very strong R&D infrastructure requested 15+ Silver Bullet Invalidity searches in a quarter.
Patience in the key to invalidate an SEP
Our contextual analysis capabilities related to both patents and NPL, coupled with the ability to understand standard databases, played a crucial role in invalidating telecom related SEPs. Continuous interactions/calls with the attorney and multi-fold search iterations were instrumental in building the flawless argument against these SEPs.
Supporting Licensing program through validity searches
A leading Japanese IP asset managing (licensing) company consults Sagacious IP for evaluating the validity of IP assets before launching any commercialization program.
Sagacious as an extension to Customer In-house IP Team
One of the biggest Fortune 100 US cloud computing companies trusts Sagacious IP for all their silver bullet invalidity searches to knock down the patents filed in infringement lawsuits against their product line.
Portfolio Building support through syndicated validity searches
A Swiss-based global market leader in development, production & marketing of actuator solutions is supported by Sagacious IP with quick validity checks and patent strength analysis for acquisition.
Native Language Search played the trick!
A US-based law firm requested Sagacious IP to perform Native Language search for a memory related patent portfolio. The strategy of collaborative searching became highly successful as it captured many non-English references that could not be identified through machine translation.
NPL Searching is more important than patent search in some cases
In response to an invalidity search request by one of our European law firm clients for a patent with a huge list of backward citations, Sagacious IP adapted a non-conventional approach. Depending on the technology area, we relied more on organic image analysis and scanned through tutorials/review videos to identify concrete evidence in a user-posted video on YouTube.

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Free Samples - Patent Invalidity Search Reports

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