Technical Monitoring

Why Monitoring and Alert services?

timely updates

Provide timely updates about new technologies coming in the domain

Regular updates

Regular updates of the IP, helps in predicting the strategies

Constant updates

Constant updates of IP for a particular technology, for being updated about new inventions/ entrants in the domain

Regular updates on market activities

Regular updates on market activities, for identifying monetization opportunities

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Who might need this service?

Regular updates on market activities

IP Counselors

R&D Managers

R&D Managers



Regular updates

Strategy makers

Case Studies


Technical monitoring involves keeping a regular watch on new patent/non-patent literature published in a particular technical area.

Technical monitoring is conducted to stay updated about new inventions filed in the domain, new products launched in the domain, and also see how the trends in the industry moving. Besides, such monitoring can also be done to keep a watch on competitors’ activity and to know about the new entrants in the domain.

Technical monitoring generally costs approx. $1300-$1500 for monitoring a domain annually.

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